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Written December 15th, 2011
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I first came across Faro de Gracia in 2010, when I was searching for a nice gift to give to my father-in-law in La Paz, Bolivia. I found that there are lots of great Puritan materials in English, but not so much in Spanish in South America. Many people in the Seminaries there often have to make copies of books in-order to study.

I was told about Faro de Gracias from a friend and saw that they have many great resources in Spanish. One of the nicest things, is the book bundles that they offer. We purchased the “Complete set of Puritan Classics and NT Commentaries” for $50 that included 16 titles, including a short commentary of the New Testament.

As pastor of the church, my father-in-law immediately began using the books to form Bible studies based upon the material in these Puritan classics. This exemplifies the thrust of this ministry. Their goal is to put great Reformed literature into the hands of the churches of South America.

If you wish to find out more about this ministry or how you can purchase book sets to send to leaders at churches in South America, click on the link below.


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